In a fast changing world everyone can be a change maker
to create social elevators for everybody
and make the world a better place!

Polarized World

A common destiny for people and planet in a polarized world

Our world is facing unprecedented challenges due to lack of economic opportunities and growing inequalities.
As highlighted by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Agenda, globalization is causing more and more polarization, both between markets (developed vs. developing economies) and within markets (income inequalities, crisis of the welfare state, access to healthcare, etc):


Mature vs developing economies

  • Reducing potential development of growing markets
  • Increasing political instability
  • Forcing growing migration

Within markets

  • Blocking social elevator for new generations
  • Stressing political sustainability of societies
  • Increasing social fragmentation

In Billion




No secondary education




No Clean water


No sanitation

Unprecedented Opportunities

For the first time in history we can unleash widespread abundance for good; there are huge opportunities to meet the emerging demand with new means and models



Unprecedented access to hybrid technologies at decreasing cost

Global reach to


5 bln connected with huge needs to be addressed



Redesigning new services and new business models

Gap of


Leapfrog light infrastructures disrupting traditional industries



Impact finance looking at innovative ways to reach new market opportunities



Millions of entrepreneurs blossoming to solve emerging needs

A common goal

Collective social elevator providing opportunities for all

In a fast changing world we have the ideal momentum to design a new meaningful economy and, most of all, society.


Building social elevator

Building social elevator in mature societies to include continuously people for expulsion trajectories


Strengthening connection

Strengthening connection between mature and emerging markets to expand real chances of development


Connecting social and profit

Connecting social and profit to broaden common resources and reach greater impact

V4I believes in a more inclusive world. A world where nobody is left behind. Where everyone can be a change maker, and is given the resources to benefit from and contribute to a more sustainable economy.

We believe economic efficiency and positive social and/or environmental impact can – and should – work side-by-side

Open society manifesto

A call for Change Makers

Global impact entrepreneurship

Strengthening the new generation of entrepreneurs able to build and scale new models

Corporate mission restructuring

Meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency to gain impact and competitive advantage

Impact finance asset reallocation

Funding innovative projects and solutions which combine economic sustainability with social and environmental impact

Network building

Connecting leaders together to learn for each other and enhance shared value

Policy advocacy

Proposing tangible framework for urgent policy action

Shared framework

Llinking businesses and Citizen Social Organizations in hybrid value chains