Building Impact Driven Society


In a fast changing word everyone can be a change maker
to create social elevators for everybody
and make the world a better place!


We believe in change makers, as individuals, organizations, communities where everybody has the responsibility and a role to play in the ecosystem.

Open Society Manifesto

A call for Change Makers

Impact entrepreneurship promotion

We support the new generation of entrepreneurs, able to build new models and scale them globally

Hybrid value chain building

We engage social and private leaders who can build hybrid value chains where businesses and Citizen Social Organizations collaborate on a common impact vision

Impact finance asset reallocation

We envisage a new asset allocation funding innovative projects and solutions which combine economic sustainability with social and environmental impact

Corporate mission restructuring

We support a new generation of corporations meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency to gain impact and competitive advantage

Policy advocacy

We aim at system change through a new policy advocacy to face global and local challenges


Building impact driven society

As highlighted by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Agenda, globalization is causing more and more polarization, both between markets (developed vs. developing economies) and within markets (income inequalities, crisis of the welfare state, access to healthcare…). On top of governments’ traditional role, private investors are increasingly interested in tackling such issues, by funding innovative projects and solutions which combine economic sustainability with social and environmental impact.

Venture4Impact aims at contributing to the growth of an impact oriented society, building a convergence between philanthropy and profit organizations:

Social Innovation

To support the innovation of products, services and models responding to global challenges

Disruptive Technology

To amplify social impact through deep needs customization and global market scalability

Hybrid value creation

To boost “hybrid value chains” where the for- profit and citizen sectors can create lasting social change

We are an international network of passionate change makers
collaborating with partners sharing same values


for Change Makers