Building impact driven society

We Believe

We believe in social and tech innovation as a source of game changing solutions to our most compelling social, economic and environmental challenges.  
We believe in change makers, as individuals, organizations, communities where everybody has the responsibility and a role to play in the ecosystem.

We Believe

We believe in the role of social entrepreneurs as a catalyst for new economies that generate impact and collective learning.
We believe in a new generation of leaders in corporations aiming at clear impact through rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

We Believe

We believe in hybrid value chains as a model to foster cross-cutting changes and to create shared value.
We believe in strong collaboration with public authorities, large companies, NGOs, Foundations, and social enterprises to co-create the ecosystem and boost social impact.

We Believe

We believe in a bright finance, connecting impact with profit and enabling a new future.
We believe in the courage of impact investors creating innovative patterns to address global challenges.


We are connecting networks sharing values for common goals

Pioneering Innovation

Pioneering spirit for Innovation to identify opportunities in any challenge


Purposeful on Social responsibility to put people first, in any decision and action

Transparent Behavior

Transparent behavior with no compromise to core values

Entrepreneurial Passion

Impact passionate for entrepreneurs who care about impact first


Open collaboration to share opportunities and continuous evolution


Financial rigorous to search a framework of financial, social and environmental sustainability


Impact scalability driven as a precondition for global relevance and resource attractiveness


Political integrated framework to lead a consistent transformation of policy making